30 Day Challenge: Coffee

I am a mother and a teacher: 2 stereotypical groups of people who consume copious amounts of coffee. On October 3, 2015 I began a challenge to go 30 days without drinking a single cup. I’m here to report that as of today, November 3, 2015, I rocked that challenge! Never in a million years did I think I would give up my liquid crack!

It was by far one of the toughest things I endured. The first week was full of headaches, mood swings, hot flashes, and literal shakes. I went through withdrawals and it was serious. I smelled coffee and started to crave it even more. I told myself on repeat: it takes 30 days to make a habit stick and I can do this.

No coffee!

To better motivate myself, I used this 30 Day Tracker to record my progress. I gave myself a reward that I would actually be interested in attaining. For me it’s going to my favorite nail salon and getting a spa pedicure (paid for by The Dude). I rarely have time for a pedi at the salon, so this is a real treat and I’m looking forward to it this weekend.

I feel ready to tackle the world (without my usual cup o’ Joe). I miss the ritual of drinking my coffee more than the actual business of drinking it. I can’t say that I’m done for good, but I do feel better knowing that I can do it!




      Challenge yourself: give up coffee         for 30 days!

Feeling extremely motivated by this first challenge, I’m excited to create some other mini challenges for myself on my journey toward being a better me. For this next challenge (AKA mini-habit) I’m going to drink 1 cup of water with every meal and snack. This equates to roughly 40 ounces of water a day which is easily measurable. This is a big deal for me because I am so easily distracted that I will go HOURS without having a sip of anything.

Join me for the next 30 days as I challenge myself to drink more water. Leave a comment with some suggestions for the next mini-habit I should implement and updates with your success.

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3 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Coffee

  1. Giving up coffee is very hard and I am glad to hear that the habit is harder than the actually coffee. I agree! I still have a habit of going to buy the coffee then deciding to get decaf or tea instead but I still need something in my hand.

    • Yeah from time to time I feel that need to have something in my hand as well. I just started drinking herbal tea when I get that urge. They are caffeine free and tricks my mind. But the smell of coffee… That still gets me lol.

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