30- Day Challenge: Fitbit

In addition to this being a challenge post, it’s also a review of the Fitbit Charge HR.

I’m continuing on my journey of health. Many sites I’ve come across have recommended taking 10,000 steps a day as a minimum. I know that I don’t take that many. I am still pretty sedentary, which I’m not proud to admit. But it’s the truth. Right before Thanksgiving, I decided to buy a Fitbit Charge HR and get started on my next 30-day challenge: walking 10,000 steps each and every day.

The first 2 days I wore it (on Thanksgiving and the day after), I only averaged 3,500 steps. Ugh! I know I have a long way to go! So I’m not sure how I’m going to fit in more steps, but I’m definitely going to make it happen.

It’s so easy to lay on the couch and put my feet up as opposed to taking a walk around the block. But that’s the lazy Sukie talking. I’m going to do better. I have to do better. The Fitbit I have is pretty cool because it is also a watch, which I desperately needed. It tracks how many flights of stairs I climb, my continuous heart rate, miles walked, calories burned, and sleep. It basically shows me all the ways I need to improve, and for me it’s motivating.

The following week I was on vacation for my birthday, but I was determined to get more steps in. I averaged 7,800 each day! Whoo hoo! I’m getting there. I just have to be more conscious of the effort I’m putting in.

One feature of the entire Fitbit line that I like is the challenge section. You can add friends (either real-life ones, or ones you find on their website) and y’all (yeah I use this word even though I was born and raised in NYC) can challenge each other. There’s a Goal Day challenge where everyone is trying to meet their own personal step goals. For me that’s 10,000, but for someone else it could be 5K or even 20K. There’s a Workweek Hustle challenge for who can get the most steps Monday-Friday and another one for the weekend.


The teacher in me loves earning badges for reaching new milestones.



And the competitive side of me loves earning trophies for winning challenges.

For me it’s the most fun to do challenges with people who are around the same level as you. It’s not fun to challenge someone who consistently walks 20,000 steps a day when you’re struggling to reach 10. But when I’m in a challenge with others who are barely making their goals, we motivate each other to get those last few steps in before the night ends. We cheer each other on (or in some cases taunt one another). And the days I’m in these challenges, I tend to actually reach my 10k goal.

Initial Review

My initial review of the Fitbit Charge HR is: get it! It’s simple to use. It syncs easily to the app on your phone. It provides a lot of information right on the screen. And the challenges are fun!


I’m back with an update after 3 weeks of wearing my Fitbit. Come see how I’m doing on the challenge and my opinions on this tracking device.

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