30-Day Challenge: Water

Okay, here we are a week into this 30-day challenge and I’m checking in to report my progress.

It’s still difficult for me to remember to drink water (or anything for that matter).  At work I get so caught up attending to my students that I don’t think about it. But I have gotten A LOT better.

I leave a 28-ounce water bottle at work and my goal each day is to drink 2 of them. I know that by the time I take my lunch break I should have finished one and by the time I clock out the second should be done. So far I’ve been averaging about 1.5 bottles each day.

Not great.

But soooo much better than a week ago.

To feed off the quote currently making its rounds on the Internet: my goal is to be better than who I was yesterday. So far I’m doing that and will only continue to move forward.

I’m trying to get Sass and Laughs into the challenge with me, so I bought us all new Brita water bottles to motivate us.

Sass and Laughs each got this bottle: Brita Butterfly

And I got this one: 20 ounce Brita

Next week I’ll check in with some of the benefits I’ve noticed since upping my water intake and also give a review of our new bottles. I’m excited and motivated to crush this challenge! Join me for the rest of the challenge and up your water intake. Keep me posted on how it’s going for you.

I’m back with my midpoint update

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4 thoughts on “30-Day Challenge: Water

  1. I applaud your effort to increase your water in-take, it’ll do wonders for your mind/body over time. It’s a blessing that you’ve expanded this mission to incorporating your daughters into participating with this practice. I love the strategies you’ve implemented to promote your success. Like you said, it’s ome day at a time & the standard is to be better than your former self. Be well & blessings with this and all your future endeavors. Peace, O…

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