Best Single Mom Blog of 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today is the Saturday after and I have so much to be thankful for. This is my first post since August. I have missed this site and you guys. Just like many of my readers, I’m out here trying to be the best single mom that I can be.

So much has happened in 3 months…

I started a new job which has kept me super busy. I am no longer a preschool teacher, I now teach middle school special education to students who are overage and have experienced some type of trauma in their lives. While this sounds like a big jump (and it is), secondary education was always where my heart lived and my certification is actually for secondary special education. Preschool was something I felt called to for about 2 years, but I now know that it isn’t for me. Though I am a firm believer that all of our experiences are meant to teach us valuable life lessons.

I have spent the first 3 months at my new school just trying to get used to the environment. It is truly a school like no other. We are an alternative high school which begins in the 6th grade. This means that I have several 15-year-old 6th graders, 17-year-old 8th graders, and everything in between. It means that I am in an environment where teachers get cursed out regularly and still come back the next day with a smile on their face. It means that I have students that view me as their teacher, therapist, and mother (and I mean this literally because some of them are in the system and I’ve shown them more love in 3 months than they’ve experienced in years). It means that it can be, and often is, an emotionally draining place. But it is also the most rewarding teaching experience I have ever had.

Shift My Focus

Attempting to find a work-life balance that truly works for me has been the hardest task of these 3 months. I have cried during these months, not because I am miserable, but because I am so emotionally invested in my students that it hurts. At the beginning of the school year, I allowed their lives to consume me and it took away from Sass and Laughs. How could I be the best single mom when I was barely making time for them? I had to shift my focus because everything except work was suffering.

I finally think I’ve found what works which is what brought me back to Sass, Laughs, and Mayhem. My brain has been so frazzled and focused on a million other things that I actually let the blog go dead for a few weeks because I didn’t pay my hosting site bill and I truly didn’t even realize. I was almost at the point of having the entire site eligible to be bought smh. Organization is definitely going to have to be one of my biggest goals for the new year.

Best Single Mom Blog of 2016

Best Single MomWhen I returned to the site, I found out that I was voted one of Healthline’s “Best Single Mom Blogs of 2016!” I am honored and a bit surprised. And since I wasn’t around for 3 months there is some misinformation about the blog and no pic like the others have. They titled the blog A Single Mom’s Guide for Life, but that’s totally fine. Next year, I’ll do better.

Sometimes as I’m writing posts I don’t think anyone is noticing because I don’t receive a lot of comments. But I have to remind myself that not everyone is at the point of sharing their stories. Sometimes they appreciate my posts silently and that’s okay. 

That is my encouraging word for you all… do what you love for yourself. I write this blog to help others, yes. However, I started this blog to help myself. It is therapeutic for me to write down and discuss my pain. I work on being the best single mom for myself, not for a pat on the back. So I have to keep up with my blog because I need it. Hopefully along the way, others will need it too.


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