Financial Journey


I’m on this financial journey this year (and if I’m being honest, probably the next 5 years)…

financial journey

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Saving more, spending less, getting out of debt, etc. I think a lot of people set this as one of their resolutions each year. But I look at it more as a journey, a lifestyle change similar to making healthy choices. I have to start making more and better healthy choices for my wallet. So where do you start when making healthy choices? Slow and steady of course, setting reasonable goals.

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Single Mom With a 6-Figure Business

One of the managers of the MagnifyMoney content team reached out to me with the opportunity to feature an amazing article about an awesome single mom. Her name is Emma Johnson and she’s a single mom with a 6-figure business which she accomplished after her divorce. I have followed her website and social media for years! So naturally, I jumped at the chance to add the article to Sass, Laughs, and Mayhem. 

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