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I have some exciting news – a discount code! Those are always fun. By the title you can probably guess it’s a discount for a book, so I’m going to do a review and end with the code for the discount.

What type of book you Ask?

Well, dear reader… a children’s book of course. This is a single mom’s blog after all!

But this is not just any kids’ book. This is a personalized book just for your little ones!

[Before I go any further, let me state that I did receive the books for free, but I was not paid for my opinions – those are all my own. And I was offered a 20% discount for my readers, so that’s a win! Click the link for my full disclosure policy.]

First things first, who is the book by?

It’s from this awesome company called Family Stories. The co-founder is another wonderful mom of two girls. She began the company by wanting to make these books for her own children and decided to branch out and offer it to other families.

Info from the Co-Founder

I have created a platform that does personalized children’s books, where you can customize the characters to look like you. We believe that all families should be celebrated, all children should have the opportunity to see their family represented in the books they read, and all children should be taught that families come in so many different combinations.

We have created our platform to allow as many different types of families to personalize their books as possible, so, for example, we offer an option where you can have only one parent (man or woman). You can also personalize the characters’ skin tone, hair styles, etc.

Why Do I Love It?

I don’t know why she was opening presents in the kitchen, but she was happy.

I love the book because it can truly represent what your individual family looks like. Single parents. Same-sex parents. Interracial parents. It doesn’t have to say Mommy and Daddy, you can change it to be what your child actually calls you. You can use your child’s name or nickname. And they get to see themselves in a book! 

It’s a beautiful hardcover book. Both Sass and Laughs have their own copies and they love them. Laughs was so excited to open hers on Christmas Day.  (Sass wasn’t here since she was in Texas. If you didn’t know that go read about the updates I posted.)

I look forward to reading it with them, listening to them read it to me, and honestly it’s an awesome memory, which I am a sucker for.

Ummm… so what are you waiting for? Go order your own copy from Family Stories for your child and remember to get 20% off with this code: SASS20

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