CozyPhones Review

Full disclosure: this is not a sponsored post, but I was sent a pair of CozyPhones for free in exchange for my review of the product. All the opinions are my own (and Laughs’ since she was the real tester).

First… what are CozyPhones? They’re a headband with speakers inside that your child can wear instead of trying to fit earbuds into their ears or having headphones squeezing on their ears. I won’t lie, I was skeptical about the entire product at first because my girls don’t really like anything on their heads for too long.

The thing we liked immediately when looking at the CozyPhones website was the many designs we could choose from. If you’ve read this blog at all, then you know Sass and Laughs have very different tastes. It’s not easy to find something that they agree on. One wanted a pink bunny and the other a monster, but we ended up settling on the unicorn.

When they arrived, they were very soft which was great! The unicorn looked cute and exactly how it did online. One complaint that I have though is that they aren’t adjustable. This meant Sass couldn’t wear them comfortably which of course lead to Laughs complaining she could’ve gotten her monster ones lol. I think we could have stretched the band enough to get on Sass’ head and it would’ve worked. But my diva daughter is sensitive to touch and was not willing to try. I believe allowing the band to adjust or even offering different sizes would be a great next step. Otherwise these are perfect for young children, especially toddlers or if your 7-year-old is small like mine.


Laughs testing out CozyPhones while she was at work with me.

Laughs came to work with me and was my product tester for the next 3 hours. The fact that she literally wore them for 3 hours straight should attest to how much she loved them and how great they worked. She said they were extremely comfortable.

They give off really good sound. We turned the volume up high just to test it out and I could hear what she was listening to. (Don’t worry, we turned it down quickly for the sake of her ears.)

And if you look at the picture, her unicorn is turned a little to the side intentionally because she thought it looked better that way 🙂 But it would sit straight on your child’s head if they wanted it to.

Another nice feature is you’re able to adjust where the speakers are inside the headband. Everyone’s head is shaped differently and this will account for that. Keep in mind for younger children, if they pull on the cord they are likely to move the speakers away from their ears though.

Great mom feature to consider: since it’s a headband, if you notice it looks a little dirty, you can easily remove the speakers and throw in the wash. It’s durable and I believe it will last a long time.

It’s been about 3 weeks since we first tested out CozyPhones and we’re still loving them. Laughs now carries hers in her backpack to use whenever. And I’ve caught Sass trying them out when no one is looking. cozyphones too

Final thoughts: If your child likes to lay down and listen to music or watch videos, these are perfect. If your child has small ears and the buds don’t fit, these are perfect. If you have a child that complains because her ears are being squeezed by the headphones, these are perfect. Great product and not too pricey.

Honestly, the only things I would want to change is having size variety for older kids and offering CozyPhones as a bluetooth option.


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