Debunking 5 Single Mom Myths

Single moms are judged and stereotyped by the majority of society. No one likes being lumped into a group that is meant to belittle them. Here’s 5 common single mom myths and why they are a load of bull (to put it mildly).

Myth #1 – A family led by a single mom is broken

This myth exists because people are so focused on defining what’s normal that whatever doesn’t fit their image is broken. Our family is certainly not a “traditional” family, but broken…really?! I see nothing broken about being raised by someone who supports and loves you unconditionally. I see nothing broken about a woman choosing to end a bad relationship rather than stay in a miserable situation. Isn’t that better for her children than to pretend everything is peachy while letting her children see the distress she can’t hide? I know it is! What’s more important to children is consistency. I know that I provide Sass and Laughs the most consistency and unwavering love than if they had their fathers around.

Myth #2 – Children raised by a single mom will be troublemakers

I guess this myth exists because single moms are all so busy living our fancy lives, we forget about the little people that actually make us moms. We neglect them to the point that they just decide to run amok. Uhhh…right… Any kid can cause trouble. What matters is the response from home. Does the parent try to problem solve and work with the teachers to create solutions? Or does the parent blame everyone else? The response is what matters, not whether she’s single or not.

Myth #3 – The mom is single because she couldn’t keep a man

This is crazy judgmental. There are many reasons a woman becomes a single mom. Some women have focused on their careers and not a relationship, instead they’ve made a choice to do it alone. Some moms are divorced or widowed. Some chose to leave a a bad or unhealthy situation. And there are countless other reasons for a woman to be a single mom, the least of them have to do with her being able to keep a man.

Myth #4 – Single moms are all lazy, uneducated, and collect welfare

The single moms I know personally work very hard. We have college degrees and careers. We fight to provide a stability that rivals that of a 2-parent household. I don’t knock anyone who uses welfare for its intended use: to help make ends meet until they are in a better position. But just because we’re single moms it doesn’t mean we necessarily need public assistance. And if we do, it’s for the betterment of our children. Why should any single mom be judged for this?

Myth #5 – Single moms have unhappy children

I think this is the worst and saddest of all the myths. I work very hard to keep Sass and Laughs happy. I know other single moms do the same for their children. Why should our children be considered any less happy than their 2-parent counterparts? We also provide loving, supportive environments, so why would our children be any less happy? I know I receive a lot of compliments on how happy my children are whenever they meet new people. That’s not something they can fake. Over the years I’ve found that people judge others in order to feel better about themselves. I take people’s opinions with a grain of salt. I know I do the best possible job I can and that’s all anyone in this world can do. We can’t judge each other’s struggles; everyone’s testimony requires a different test…so who are we to judge?

single mom myths

I might be biased, but Sass and Laughs look pretty darn happy to me.

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