Disclosure Policy

The FTC has created a document outlining how to give a disclosure statement for your blog, tweets, and status updates. Apparently they think we’re all idiots because we don’t know when someone is giving their opinion on items, or that bloggers sometimes get compensated. Since I literally can’t afford to be fined, here’s my disclosure policy: 

All of my posts are mine and full of my opinions. I’m pretty opinionated by the way. Also… I go through stages and sometimes my opinions change, but that’s natural. I would say it’s because I’m a woman and sometimes I’m fickle, but then I’ll probably get a ton of emails saying I’m an anti-feminist, or that I’m promoting misogynistic stereotypes of women, so whatever… It’s not because of the hormones. 

Some of the posts I write are reviews for items I’ve used. I do not get paid for these reviews in any way. I don’t even get sent any products to review (yet). I’m just a mom and teacher who shops entirely too much.  However… If you want to send me free items in exchange for my honest opinion, I will gladly accept. I write reviews because I either really believe in a product, or I really want you to stay away from it. Either way, all reviews are based on my experiences and opinions. 

Some links in my posts are affiliate links because like I said before I’m a single mom and a teacher, which basically means I’m always broke. I am constantly trying to make extra money in any way possible. If I were you, I would just assume every link you click on gives me money (even though it doesn’t… But maybe one day I’ll get to that point and I won’t have to come back and fix this disclosure statement because my memory sucks… Hey, maybe you have a product for memory improvement that you want me to review). 

Sometimes I’ll interview someone else or let them guest post. At that point everything they say is their personal opinion and it’s out of my control. You can probably find me just sitting on the sidelines sipping tea and eating popcorn (waves at Kermit and MJ – I spend entirely too much time looking at internet memes and YouTube videos, so if you don’t get my jokes, then it’s probably because you have a real life with real-life hobbies. But I’m not judging).