Dream as Hard as You Work

There are plenty of bloggers out there that I follow, admire, and somewhere deep down wish to be. They seem to have their lives so put together whereas I am sometimes just wishing on a dollar and a dream.

Don’t get me wrong, my life isn’t bad. Far from it, honestly. But some days “me time” consists of finding 5 minutes in the morning to take a shower. Sometimes “work” consists of me feeling like a failure because of the student population I work with. And sometimes “blessed” is just me being proud of the fact that I didn’t curse anyone out that day and my children are still alive.

My point is that it’s all about perspective. My dream is to run a successful blog. But yet this is my first post since November and that post was the first since August. That is not how dreams are brought to life. If I want to make my dream into a reality, then I must treat it like a priority.

I am killing myself at work. I enjoy teaching; I love my students. But I can’t say in 30 years, I wish to be doing the same thing. “This is your career though. you went into student loan debt for this.” That’s the comment I’m met with when I discuss my dream with others.

So first lesson is: don’t discuss your dreams with everyone. Just do them. And second is a reflection: I know that I started this career for practical reasons: stability for my daughters, which as a single mom is what most of us wish to provide our children.

But am I teaching Sass and Laughs to settle? Will they pass over their dream for stability when they grow up?

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They grew up seeing me study hard for my Masters and graduate. Now they see me working hard on lesson planning, grading papers, and meeting deadlines. I need to show them that it’s important to work hard for your passions as well. Even if they don’t pay, especially if they don’t pay. Do it because you love it!

This post was mostly just my ramblings, but it’s something that’s been on my mind. Follow your dreams, guys! They’re just as important as your day jobs.

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