Financial Journey


I’m on this financial journey this year (and if I’m being honest, probably the next 5 years)…

financial journey

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Saving more, spending less, getting out of debt, etc. I think a lot of people set this as one of their resolutions each year. But I look at it more as a journey, a lifestyle change similar to making healthy choices. I have to start making more and better healthy choices for my wallet. So where do you start when making healthy choices? Slow and steady of course, setting reasonable goals.

Financial Journey Step 1

I actually decided to start with cleaning out my inbox. Sounds weird right? Let me explain…

I have signed up for so many store emails it is driving me nuts! Hundreds of emails every single day with coupon after coupon of things I need to buy!

Don’t get me wrong… Coupons are great! But not when you weren’t already planning to buy these items. If that’s the case then you’re really just overspending. The deals might sound amazing, but BOGO still costs more than the $0 you were going to spend. These type of sales are simply not conducive to my financial journey.

Instead my new strategy is to know specifically what I’m shopping for, shop around online, and look for e-coupons when I know what I’m going to buy. 

Financial Journey Step 2

Going to the store is another spending pitfall I wish to avoid. I know I have poor shopping habits, and I’m the type that gets enticed by the pretty things at the register. Or if I’m shopping for my girls, anything goes. If I step into Target, I’m guaranteed to overspend. Not going to the store will help me a lot. Online shopping will be my best friend.


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As my journey continues I’ll post more of the strategies that have been working for me. Leave a comment with some strategies that you are using or have used on your own financial journey.


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