Help Me

help meLord, can You help me?
I am so lost
and desperately need finding
and in a hurry.
I’m squinting through blurry vision,
feeling along these unknown walls,
trying to find THE way –
ANY way –
out of this Hell called life.
Lord, can You help me?
I am so lost
and feel lonely and unloved –
feelings I just can’t understand
because I know You love me unconditionally.
But after all the heartaches, heartbreaks, heart-rapes
it just doesn’t feel like enough.

Lord, can You help me?
I am so lost
and things are just getting harder and harder.
These tests of faith are getting harder to pass.
My belief that everything happens for a reason
is getting harder to believe.
Life is just getting harder.
Faith is just getting harder.
And Lord, we both know my belief is getting harder.
Lord, can You help me?
I am just so lost,
so very lost.
Can You please come and find me?

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