Single Mom Graduation

single mom graduation

Welcome to a new Motivation Monday post! Today’s post is meant to inspire you to go to school, return to school, or learn a new skill. Go do that thing that you’ve been putting off because you had kids. Here are my graduation photos.

I worked full-time and had an 8-month old and an 18-month old when I decided to register for my graduate courses. I wanted more time for my daughters. I thought becoming a teacher would allow me to maximize our time together. I wouldn’t have to worry about camp or sitters because we would have the same holidays off.

My daughters were babies when I started. I was literally breastfeeding Laughs while typing and submitting assignments online. Exhaustion doesn’t even truly describe what I felt during the time. But I was determined to make my dream a reality. I was determined to look out at my girls while I walked across the stage. And even though they didn’t understand what it meant at the time, I was determined for them to see me receive my degree.

I took things slowly. 1 class at a time for about 4 years until I was finished. And 2 years ago I completed my Masters degree in English and Special Education. There was no better feeling than having my girls at my graduation.

single mom graduation

One of my favorite pictures of all time is even better in B&W

To this day they talk about my graduation. Each time we pass the convention center they shout about how they were there.

My point is to not be afraid. And definitely don’t let having children hold you back from achieving your goals. If anything, let them motivate you to do better.


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