Love Poem


What is Love?

Is love a choice or an event?
Does it just happen?
Or do you get to check the yes-or-no box?
Do you get to pick the person?
Do you get to pick the place?
If it’s not what you expect,
can you take it upon yourself to erase
and throw it away?
If it caused you hurt and pain,
does the rain wash it away?
Or does it stay on your brain
forever and a day –
raping your thoughts
and molesting your dreams –
the worst possible thing
or so it may seem.
Or is it just one of life’s hard learned lessons?
A blessing in disguise
designed to nurture you
and make you wiser with time
healing all wounds.
Soothing what cannot be undone.
No matter how fast you try to outrun
the past,
the pain,
the hurt,
the loss of your first love…
since that’s what you thought it was.
It had to be,
it must have been.
The thought of just lust was too far removed
from someone already so broken
and abused.

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